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Re: [at-l] Technology on the Trail

I'll toss my final thoughts (I hope) intot his.

Jim, I think I've stated my reasons for why I carry a computer. I do 
enjoy writing. I find that as I write things down the things I am writing 
about becomre more permanently fixed in my memory. In a sense they become 
more "real." I travel to explore both the literal world around me and the 
world that is within me. Writing is an important part in the exploration.

I could write with pen and paper, but as I've said before it'd be much 
less and rather hard to read later on. I could choose not to write 
anything, but I've tried that and don't like it. The experience is not as 
deep. As I write about a day, or something I did in that day, I tend to 
really think about it. Initially, as the experience happens I enjoy adn 
learn from the experience. Later, if I choose to write about it I think 
more deeply about it and how it relates to other things that are going 
on. I learn things at the time of the experience and then again as I 
write about it. 

If I were just writing down notes like: "got up at 7, broke camp 8:30, 
sunny and cold but it got warmer, lots of PUDS but Marys Rock was really 
wonderful - took a nap there. Pass Mtn. Shelter is nice. Heard numerous 
birds today, think I heard a der in the distance, had to be something big 
anyway. I'm tired of poptarts." Then pen and paper would be adequate. 
But, that isn't how I write.

You're right carrying a computer or any other tool is going to change 
your hike. The decision to carry anything is a personal one. For the 
gains I am willing to suffer the extra weight.

  ** Ken **

ps- In towns I probably would not bother trying to get on the net. Unless 
I was staying somewhere for two nights (i.e., zero mile day) it just 
wouldn't be worth it. Phone calls to my parents would be enough.

**  Kenneth Knight    Web Design, IT Consultant, Software Engineer  **
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