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Re: [at-l] cloaks

you wrote:
      "Seems like not much has changed in 1000 years!"
        And just like today, when the pilgrims who survived the journey
returned home, I bet they traded stories about which cobblers' sandals
were most comfortable and longest lasting, and who had witnessed the
most miracles on the path. Since some of the particularly penitent folks
did some sections by shuffling along on their knees, they even had a
seemingly opposite, but endorphin-cravingly similar type of "hiker",
whose attitude the present day trail-runners would understand perfectly.
Hmmm....I wonder if the Inquisition handed out medals for walking the
one, true pilgrimage route? Or if they had the ultra-light pilgrims who
carried oiled cotton cloaks, instead of that heavy old wool? 


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