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[at-l] Thruhiker sighting

Hi ya'all

I just got back from Coopers and Gooch Gaps and spent a pleasant few hours 
with Sly and Cheryl as well as a bunch of other thruhikers. Today was sunny, 
but quite chilly - especially at Coopers gap. The wind was whipping and 
everyone was complaining of chilly fingers and noses when they stopped. 
Friday night at Springer was supposedly pretty wild with the heavy 
thunderstorms and tornados watches issued for North Georgia.  Saturday night 
a total of 14 hikers stayed at the Hawk Mountain shelter and an additional 
ten or so tented. It was very cold with Nalgenes freezing everywhere. One of 
the earlier hikers  coming through showed me his stack of solid clothing - 
apparently he took his wet clothes off yesterday afternoon, hung them in the 
shelter and they froze into solid sheets.  I mentioned that perhaps they 
would defrost a bit better if he carried them outside his pack, but he 
apparently didn't want to take my suggestion and put his frozen clothing 
pancake back in his pack :)  As we discovered last summer, there is no water 
on the north side of Sassafras mountain, so if you are in the area, please 
bring some extra water for those coming off the mountains - I used two 
gallons filling up bottles. 

Sly and Cheryl are both in good spirits - they said their computer crashed 
right before they left home so if you sent well wishes and didn't hear from 
them, that might be the reason. 

Coosa, they are planning on staying at Goose Creek Tuesday night and Cheryl 
said she would be calling you.

I think that's all! 
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