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Re: [at-l] Water Filters

Oh boy. Everyone is going to have an opinion and the opinions will almost 
all tout something different.... Here comes mine...

I've used my PUR Hiker and found it works well. Pumping is easy and seems 
reliable. I've known a couple people who had real troubles with their PUR 
filters, but I've also known some who really like them.

In milder temperatures I now use a gravity filter. I have a Safe Water 
Anywhere Inline filter that is connected in between a large dirty bag 
like my Platypus Big Zip 4 and a clean water bottle like a Nalgene, soda 
bottle, or Platypus Hoser 2 (I'll probably use soda bottles on my 
upcoming AT hike). Find your water, hang the dirty bag, attach the 
filter, and let it drip into the clean reservoir. It isn't quite as fast 
as a typical pump filter, but it is certainly fast enough. It gets what 
needs to be gotten. If I were really paranoid I suppose I'd toss Aquamira 
or something like that into the dirty bag and then filter (getting a 
purifier), but for what I tend to do I'm not that paranoid.

The inline filter weighs considerably less than a typical pump filter 
too. Perhaps 5 ounces including the necessary tubing. 

  ** Ken **

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