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Re: [at-l] Second A.T.


Everyone is getting there ATN issue. I want mine. I'm feeling deprived. 
And my name is nicely panted in the middle of the alphabet. They 
certainly have my correct address (the ALDHA Companion came very quickly 
as did the trail guides I didn't already have - still need to get one 
more). I live in a thriving town with decent US Postal service. And up 
until today the weather hasn't even come close to testing the old saw, 
"neither sleet, rain, hale,..." about postal carriers getting the mail 

To all the other people who are still waiting: I think we have the 
makings of a conspiracy here. Yep, that's the ticket. In my case, the 
Michigan Militia have gone and stolen all the ATN issues destined for 
this area. They're looking for a new place to practice and they heard 
about the AT and figured that'd be a good place to go. Yah, I like this. 
mark from Michigan might not have been involved in that bank robbery, but 
maybe he was involved in this... yah.... why this is almost believable...

  ** Ken **

ps- Yes, this is a joke...just in case you were wondering. But, I do wish 
my ATN would hurry up and get here. I need something to read on the bus 
ride to Dexter.

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