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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail,final note

When it comes to old ways vs. new technology in the woods:  every year
there are a few sad miserable accidents of alcohol or guns or both
combined.  This year a teenager shot his best friend (who was sleeping in a
tent at the time) at a hunting camp outside of Bratt. by mistake--he and
his best friend's brother had been up drinking all night and were happily
celebrating the start of 2000 by shooting their guns in the air.
	Now, guns and alcohol are both traditional woods accoutrements (as anyone
worth their early America and beyond lit. knows--or anyone who has
frequented VT keg parties, always out in the woods or a field, knows as
well).  However, I'd rather come upon a miserable geek techie, crazy enough
to drag his 3 pound computer up the mountain, pecking away on a stump in
the woods, than a very drunk happy person, with or without gun, stumbling
my way along the path.  The worst the techie could do?  Annoy my ears for a
minute and send a nasty email about me to friends.  The worst the happy
drunk could do...? 

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