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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

Wow, push a hot button, Jack!

I go to the woods to escape from technology. If someone else chooses to bring 
technology to the woods, well, then I'd rather not see it. If they can 
discreetly keep it to themselves, fine. Otherwise, a big thumbs down from me. 
But I've (sadly) gotten used to people intruding on my wilderness experience 
... which to me, means NO TECHNOLOGY. No motors, no vehicles, no high tech 
stuff. (Sigh) I'm a writer. And  I'm quite comfortable writing anywhere, 
anytime, with pen and paper. No technology required. Just part of my gradual 
conversion to a simpler life. Thoreau didn't need a laptop...

As for your comment "I'm concerned specifically with people carrying 
computers in order to have daily and constant contact with the outside world" 
... well, ick. I can't imagine having that need, despite being a frequent 
AT-L poster. I do like to tear myself away from this screen to get outdoors, 
and I'd ALWAYS rather be outdoors...and hiking. The whole POINT of going to 
the woods, at least for me, is to CUT OFF that constant contact with the 
world and get myself grounded again, paying attention to the little details, 
having oceans of time in which to ponder the big questions of my life. If I 
could but simply hit the woods one week out of every month, it would likely 
answer a lot of my questions about myself and where I'm headed ... :)

Just my 0.02 ... Navigator
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