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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

	Your question brings up another issue for me, one of accepting varying
degrees of ability and what people think must or should be normal.  I'm not
bringing a computer because they are heavy and I have some trepidation
about entrusting my writing to a palm pilot only to have it fritz out, get
waterlogged or do any other number of goofy electronic things that might
completely lose my writing.  However, if there was computer as light as a
small notebook (really--a spiral bound one, not a tome) with good safety
features and a history of indistructability, I would certainly consider.  I
have discalculia (math dislexia) which also affects my fine motor skills--I
can't generally read my regular handwriting and I've been typing since
third grade.  Many of my students have dislexia and will not write by hand.
 If they hiked and wanted to write, they would need the electronic help
(and some are very good writers).  I've occasionally (not on this list but
in some books and forums) heard people worry about making trails too
accessible for wheelchairs etc.  Though I understand and agree with keeping
places pristine, I also feel that if there's a will to do something,
despite a disability (if someone wants to take a computer, wheel along
his/her wheelchair etc.) then instead of saying that "this is not the way
it should be" we must closely look at what "should be" means.
		Another take, hope this is helpful

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