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Re: [at-l] Hiking poles

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000 09:29:07 EST DaRedhead@aol.com writes:
> The friend I'm taking on a dayhike this weekend is concerned about 
> her knees.   So - here's an 
> actual gear question.  She doesn't want to shell out the money for 
> high end Leki's, but she does want a pair of real hiking poles, not 
> just a stick or a cane or anything.  Is there another comparable 
> hiking pole out there that is a little easier on the pocketbook?  

For years we used second hand ski poles and loved them. For $5 you can
pick them up at a garage sale or swap meet.  They're light and strong and
give good support. The only reason we bought Lekis was for the CDT since
we knew we would be using ice axes and needed to be able to stow our
poles when the axe was in play. It's also a bit easier if you're flying
with them.  But your friend won't be flying, so ski poles will do.

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