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Re: [at-l] Gear review - Telly-tubbies

Would you use his bag to carry more than a light day hike? I certainly 
wouldn't. I like to have a waist belt and some support off my shoulders. 
The idea of carrying gear in my hands seems poorly conceived. I don't know 
who manufactures it, but I was really impressed how much could be stuffed 
into it. If someone could do that with mesh or silnylon.....???

But, I really liked the idea of LNT and picking up debris and gear that 
others had carelessly discarded. Maybe I'll drive up to Gooch Gap in the 
next couple of days and see what the pickings are like.

Atlanta, GA

At 02:59 PM 3/7/2000, KC wrote:
>Talk about trolling!!!! KC

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