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Re: [at-l] contact lenses on trail?

I agree, partially. I had severely bad myopia and astigmatism. After a 
chemical burn that ruined my ability to use contacts, I was very upset 
losing peripheral vision and being unable to see on awakening. I had used 
extended wear contacts and slept with them.

I had RK, radial cuts in my corneas. This has been very good, but vision 
varies with age, time of day and fatigue. As I age, presbyopia (trouble 
reading newsprint and PDR) has set in. I only see 3 stars in Pleiades 
(previously 5 with contacts). But there are no contacts and reading glasses 
are much more convenient.

Newer and reversible procedures are being developed. The RK is a permanent 
laceration in my corneas, and could result in explosion of my eyes if I am 
ever in a decompression event. Be real clear about your expectations and 
the potential downsides of _any_ medical and surgical therapy.

Atlanta, GA

At 10:28 PM 3/6/2000, ejbaker wrote:

>just a thought for anyone who might have been pondering this:
>         look into Lasik surgery if you're very nearsighted (or 
> farsighted--there's
>FDA approved procedure now, my dad was part of the experimental group and
>he's gone from needing bifocals and an extra pair to nothing at all) and
>you travel a lot or are becoming disillusioned with contacts (and you're a
>bit adventurous).

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