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Re: [at-l] Re: Debates...

WB, isn't RC Cola headquartered in Columbus, GA? As I recall, the way we 
said it sounded like "ROC co-cola anna MooonPie". I think that the "R" in 
pre 1965 South had 2 syllables (as the driver in "Driving Miss Daisy" 
read)and sort of turned into an RO sound. Brother Dave Gardner (a comedian 
who was either ahead of his time
or the last gasp of racist comedians) told stories of Southerners and 
blacks living for these delicacies. I almost blame him for the 
popularization of the RC and Moonpie combination, dooming both to regional 
prejudices and tastes. He died of alcoholic liver disease 1/5 mile from my 
home about 15 years ago.

RC kept its nickle soda longer and came out with a king size earlier than 
Coke. They didn't do as good a job of marketing. Heck, Dr. Pepper (10, 2 & 
4) isn't recognizable from how it was marketed in the 50's.

Damn, are we getting old?

To make this trail related, does anyone know how Moonpies compare to Little 
Debbie cakes for weight and calories?


--- WHHAWKINS@aol.com wrote:
 > In a message dated 03/04/2000 9:47:14 PM EDT,
 > garyticknor@starpower.net
 > writes:
 > << In East Carolina (which is east of North Carolina
 > ;) one asks for an "RC
 >  cok-cola" (sic) to eat with your Moon Pie. >>
 > Its "Give me a RC Cola and Moon Pie"
 > In the 1950's. The phrase "RC Cola and a MoonPieŽ"
 > became well known around
 > the South.

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