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[at-l] Smokies Adventure Trip

Five of my friends and I started at Fontana Dam at 8:00 pm Friday night
and four of us hiked/ran the A.T. from there to Davenport Gap finishing
at 7:55 Saturday night.  One person stopped at Newfound Gap and caught a
ride back and the other missed a turn at Ice water Springs and ran to MT.
Leconte realized they were lost and ran on to Pigeon Forge.

It rained and snowed on us off and on until just at the last shelter
before Clingman's Dome.  Then it turnes to all snow.  We were soaked and
we got very cold on top.  There were two guys sleeping on top of the dome
covered in snow and completely zipped up in their sleeping bags.  They
did not realized it had snowed until we woke them up.  

The view at daybreak on top of Clingman's Dome was fantastic as the top
of the mountains were covered in a blanket of snow.  You could see for
miles and miles as it looked like the weather was clearing ( it did not
clear up until near sunset on Sat. ).   

We only saw 15 or 20 hikers in the whole Smokies. 
It was a true and difficult adventure as we were totally self-sufficient
carrying all of supplies.

In Christ
David Horton 
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