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Re: [at-l] Smokies Adventure Trip

>>> david horton <runhorton@juno.com> 03/05/00 05:31PM >>>
Five of my friends and I started at Fontana Dam at 8:00 pm Friday night
and four of us hiked/ran the A.T. from there to Davenport Gap finishing
at 7:55 Saturday night.  
It was a true and difficult adventure as we were totally self-sufficient
carrying all of supplies. In Christ David Horton 

David — I have done this hike more than once, but thus far, only in dreams and not yet in reality. Although I am quite familiar with the AT/Smokies "north" of Newfound Gap, my single experience with the "southern" end — Fontana to Newfound — was in my '79 throughhike. What I'd assess (given this chronologically unbalanced data set) is Fontana to Newfound: tough hiking, rotten treadway, multiple steep inclines; Newfound to Davenport: easy hiking, mostly graded treadway, moderate decline to Davenport.

With your recent and speedy sampling, how would you describe the Fontana to Davenport passage? Is my assessment fair? Are things "tougher" on the other side of Newfound?

With any luck, my future hikingrunning health will depend on your answer.


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