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[at-l] Signing Off--Til' Then

The time has come to depart the List (so my wife won't have to deal with
all the mail) and I hope to not return until Oct/Nov. I surely hope to
see many of you on the trail (some between here and there). Springer on
the Ides of March--Katahden, if and when--fun all the time.

A friend will be updating my web site with my journal (via pocketmail to
him) and I can still be reached via pocketmail. The web site has my
itinerary, mail-drop list, and journal for the bored who would rather be

WEB PAGE: http://www.minot.com/~turtle
E-MAIL: mailto:turtle@pocketmail.com

Have a blessed summer,
Turtle  GA>ME 2K

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