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Re: [at-l] The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

Saunterer wrote:
> Malcolm Fuller wrote:

> >> In fact, for him to have stepped across the line to suing
> >> the organizations most of us belong to and pay dues -- NON
> >> PROFIT organizations that do nothing but good for OUR Trail
> >> mostly -- that is taking it so far it's incredible.  
> >
> >Oh, I don't know about that. If Wingfoot has a legitimate
> >gripe over copyright infringement, he should defend his
> >intellectual property even from little old blue-haired
> >church ladies and boy scouts. IMO, you can only paint him
> >as the "bad guy" if the redress he's seeking is somehow
> >excessive.
> >
> From the post I take it that he is considering a suit based on similarity
> of "format". That is (IMHO) ridiculous. I can't believe that copywrite
> covers "format". If it did no writer (after the first) could publish a book
> which was constructed of Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, Chapters,
> Afterword and Index or any obvious derivation thereof. Get real.
> Guidebooks, by their nature, have a fairly limited format. You give the
> information necessary to guide the reader through whatever. You can give
> bare essentials or great detail. You can give a dry statement of facts or a
> very personal reaction or anything in between. That's the format, but I
> can't see how it could be copywritable, not that that would stop a lawyer
> from trying.$$$$$$$

Since I don't own either book, I really can't comment on
the details of this particular case. Suing over "format"
does seem a little over the top, though. We'll discover in
time whether the liars for hire believe this case worthy
of pursuit.

The point of my previous post was simply that just because
the alleged copyright infringer is a non-profit organization
doesn't mean he shouldn't seek redress from them.


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