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[at-l] Well . . . Handbook/companion/etc

Sticks and Stones can break my bones, But words can totally destroy me.

This is a bit long, but I think I have something important to say.

I think (dangerous thing for me to do that) we all need to re-read our posts
before we hit the 'send' button.

There is a lot of just 'talking out' and there is also some incendiary
terminology in some of these posts of late.

If someone wants to defend Dan Bruce's most recent actions, I have no
problem with that.  Just state the facts as you know them without using the
terminology that incites anger.  Then state your opinion of the facts --
there is no reason to disparage the reader or previous poster.

If someone has something to say about what's going on on Trailplace, report
the facts.  If you wish to state your opinion, let the reader know that it
is your opinion.  Again, there is no reason to use incendiary terminology.
There is no reason to attack a previous poster.

Dan Bruce has in fact done a lot for the AT -- he lead the campaign to
protect the Saddleback area and let us know what and how to help

There are many other things that he has done for the AT and the Trail

We do owe him respect for taking on a phenomenal task and working harder
than many would be willing to do to help protect the AT.   Which of YOU
would dedicate yourself to the task as he has?  And if you want to say you
would, why haven't you?

We as a group say a lot of things -- and other than the post lashing back at
us as a group (I apologize for hurt feelings here) -- I think we have been
very restrained.   We've been humorous.  We've lamented.  We're confused.
We have a myriad of emotions, including anger.   But I dare say, and I may
be totally off base (didn't say off my rocker) we have not been vicious.
There has been constraint.  For the most part, as I read the posts, I see
someone shaking his/her head in bewilderment not understanding exactly how
the situation has come to where it currently is.

Yes, a few have practiced medicine (psychology) without a license (but if
you're in my job, it's something I'm expected to do, in order to keep my
job -- I'm a Mandated Reporter -- fortunately for this list only for
children under 18.)   But I submit that we all do this consciously or
unconsciously all the time in every relationship and personality that we
meet or talk to or email.   And it is one of our survival techniques.   So
let's accept that.

Yes, we email our friends and say things about someone we consider/ed "one
of us" who seems to be attacking us -- and we're asking "who moved?"   What
happened to the Community?  What's happened to our Family?

Right now, some reading this are going to disagree with my synopsis.   And
guess what?  If you didn't, then I would wonder what was wrong!   If you
disagree, that's fine with me!  All I want to do is to get you to stop . . .
. . . . . . . and think . . . . . . . . .. before you respond.

Now, I'm going to sleep,

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