Newsreader Instructions

There's a new way to keep up with the mailing lists at!   A gateway feature has been added that mirrors all posts into local newsgroups that can be accessed anywhere.   This will allow users to read the all the posts without having an overflowing mailbox every day.   If you've used Usenet before, this will seem very familar.   Here's the information to get started:

  • NNTP Server:
  • No username or password
  • No posting is permitted - the gateway is one way only, to prevent spam.
  • No distribution of posts outside - the posts are only available on this server and do not get out to the public Usenet.
  • The server is completely open for reading, so you can check the newsgroups from a library, at work or at a friends computer.
  • Posts to the lists still need to come through email, to, etc. 
  • Unfortunately, AOL users are redirected to an AOL newserver- so this doesn't work for AOLer's. If you are on AOL and have a workaround, please let me know. I'm not sure if a third party newsreader will bypass this redirection, but it may be worth a try.
We're also carrying a few of publichiking/outdoor related Usenet newsgroups (feel free to recommend any others).  Here is the master list of all the newsgroups on the server, complete with hyperlinks: If you're never used  Usenet, here are couple tips:
The newsgroup posts are kept on my server, and your newsreader only pulls them down when you select one.

Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook both understand the news hyperlinks above.   Just click on them, and your newsreader window should open.

You "subscribe" to a newsgroup to keep track of posts.  Often this can be done my right clicking (or click-hold on a Mac) on the newsgroup in the newsreader window.

You don't delete messages from newsgroups, you just mark them read, and then the next time you enter the newsgroup they'll be grayed out or invisible to you (option in  your newsreader software)

Tip:   Set your mailman options to NOMAIL, and only use your account for posting

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Last updated 1/23/07 rkb