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1/6/05 - The archives have been updated, search will be back online soon. Looking for moderators for the IAT, FT, CDT and NCT lists. The main website is now on a new, faster server.

1/2/04 - The archives have been updated today. Also, I've removed references to the Ice Age Trail and North Country Trail- however, if someone wants to step forward to moderate and promote these lists- I will recreate them.

5/24/03 - The lists have all returned to service after an outage caused by AOL filtering AOL has yet to rectify the problem and I still have an open ticket with them. This has impacted me dramatically; it has directly cost me an additional server to engineer around this blockage, many long distance bills and lots of time that could be better spent. Please consider this next time you opt to renew your AOL subscription. Those free disks you get in the mail are better used in the microwave than your CD ROM drive.

10/13/02 - The forums interface to the lists is going down. There's been a lack of interest and the yearly fee is due- an informal poll showed that most folks either didn't use it or didn't need it. The Usenet version, YahooGroups mirror and mailing lists will remain.

7/28/02 - New mailman software has been installed and a new MIME filter is in place.

2/6/02 - There is a mirror of the AT-L available on Yahoo Groups, for folks who use that service. Note that this doesn't allow posting.

11/12/01 - The, a web interface to the lists is now available for general consumption. Click here for information.

10/10/01 - The site has been up and running without a hitch for a number of months. I'm ready to say that it's good for general consumption now. Contact if you have pictures to post or visit the site

5/28/01 - The site has been migrated to its own server for disk space concerns.   Note that my offer of free web space for non-commercial outdoors sites is still available.   Forward a username (which will be a part of your URL), a password and a brief description to me via email, if you are interested.

4/6/01 - I've added a Usenet gateway and small news server here at This will allow people to read the mailing lists through a number of local newsgroups at Also, the server is carrying a few popular hiking related public Usenet groups, like rec.backcountry. Enjoy!

4/4/01 - The archives and search functionality have been fully restored.

3/31/01 - New graphics and layout have been rolled out.   Milt is responsible for the "new look", great job!   Look for some new content from DaRedhead soon as well. 

1/2/01The archive searching ability is currently off-line,   I'm working on something that will be compatible with Mailman. 

1/1/01 - We've successfully migrated from Majordomo to Mailman for our mailing list software.   This gives us all a nice web interface to the lists and instant archiving.   Please note that some of the majordomo email commands now don't work.

5/20/00 - Had a nice get together of AT-Ler's at Trail Days 2000 in Damascus, VA.  See the picture here.

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