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[pct-l] Input needed for new PCT Handbook

Did the PCT Hiker's Handbook play a role in your latest hike along the 
route? Well here's your chance to play a role in the latest version of that 

(Update: this is a resubmission. The list has been quite slow this week, and 
I thought some folks may have missed the first sending as a result. Our 
request for hiker input is still very much active. This will be the final 

Dear listers,

I'm interested in hearing from folks about their PCT experiences, for 
inclusion in an all-new book I'm editing: The PCT Hiker's Handbook THIRD 
EDITION by Ray Jardine. Ray and I are completely revising the book so that 
it will serve the needs of ALL Pacific Crest Trail hikers, from day hikers 
and weekend backpackers, to distance hikers and thru-hikers.

What could you say about your PCT experiences that might convince a curious 
reader to likewise give it a go, to put on a backpack and hit the trail? 
Think of all those lurkers on the list, many of whom are thinking seriously 
of hiking the Trail someday. Multiply this audience a thousandfold, and 
you'll get an idea of the positive influence your words will have. From 
those who would like to contribute, we're looking for about 1 to 3 
paragraphs worth of insight here that would answer from the following:

Have you most often visited the PCT as a day-hiker, weekend backpacker, 
section hiker, or thru-hiker? Choose whatever term you prefer to use in 
describing your approach, as a ready way for readers to identify with what 
you've done. It would be great if you could then respond to any or all of 
the following questions based on your answer here.

a) What brought you to the PCT in the first place? That is to say, what was 
the motivation behind that journey?

b) Did you find what you were after? While traveling along the route, did 
you find that your expectations aligned with reality, or was the experience 
more of a surprise and a host of lessons than a confirmation of your ideals? 
If the latter, then what did you learn?

c) Whether among your expectations or not, what can you say about the 
wilderness experience you had out there? Did the wilderness aspect of the 
trail have meaning for you, and would it be a motivating factor if you were 
to return to the PCT someday?

What we're looking for are words of enthusiasm, first and foremost. Picture 
a person browsing around at a bookstore, knowing little or nothing about the 
PCT, then happening upon a book on the subject. Given the chance, what could 
you say to that person to inspire him or her? In just a few words, how would 
you convey the magic of your PCT experiences? How might you say something 
positive about the Trail for posterity? This is the idea!

Use your own words, by all means. Use the above questions as a reference 
point only. We would like to include a fair number of hiker comments, in a 
largely unedited form, and I think it would create a better effect if each 
person strove to create something unique. So please, no filling in the 
blanks. Speak from the heart, so that a reader would think you were sincere, 
and would sense that the book were sincere, as well. Those who give it an 
honest effort (and remember, it doesn't need to be long - 1 to 3 paragraphs, 
max) will have a good shot at reaching a mass audience of readers. Some of 
these folks may decide to hike the PCT based on our words of inspiration and 

I'd also appreciate if respondents could make my job a wee bit easier by 
including their full name in the reply - and no trail names, please. Also, 
please include a valid e-mail address that I can reach you at, if not the 
one listed in the header.

Reply to me privately, at blisterfree@hotmail.com

If there is a hearty response from the list, and it seems appropriate, then 
I might also send the full list of replies back to pct-l, in a single, 
compiled form - for the benefit of next year's hikers.

Thanks for your help!!
- Brett Tucker

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