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[pct-l] Cottonwood Pass-Whitney Portal

I've been part of this list for about two years now. I have received
priceless information and tips on equipment, styles, weight, etc.  Although
I haven't participated in many of the discussions, I feel like I know most
of you.

This past week my son and I hiked from Horseshoe Meadow (Cottonwood Pass),
to Whitney Portal. It was an outing to celebrate my son's twelfth birthday.
We were on the PCT from Cottonwood Pass to Crabtree Meadows before turning
off to hike up the west side of Mt. Whitney. On Sunday night we hiked down
from the summit of Mt. Whitney under the full moon. What a fantastic
experience to be able to spend with my son. 
For being so late in October, the weather was perfect. Both the trail and
the weather couldn't have been better.

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with people that I know appreciate the
personal rewards you get from being out on the trail.

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