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[pct-l] Foods of the past

During my hike, I ate 3 instant oatmeal packets with 1 quart milkman daily. ( 
also 2 pop tarts for breakfast ) Lunch was space food sticks ( about 3 per 
day ) plus 1 quart of tang or other sugar flavored drink. Dinner was mostly 
mac-cheese with a small can of tunu or vienna sausage thrown in. Also had 
jello-instant pudding as well. Drank 2 instant cocoa's eack morning.  Had 
some dried fruit which was usually gone three days out of town. Yes, this was 
a pretty lame trail diet with little thought about calories, carbs, fats or 
proteins. I did pig out at each trail town about two weeks apart. ( had 15 
dollar money order in each resupply box and did not carry cash ) The 15 bucks 
would go along ways in 77, you could buy a killer breakfast, wash clothes, 
take a shower and buy  all the ice cream you could eat. I could have have 
wrote a book " How not to eat on the PCT " and it might have sold. Oh well, 
live and learn. Pizza was always a good topic among half starved trailers.
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