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Re: [pct-l] ADZPCTKOP

Tom Reynolds writes regarding the ADZPCTKOP:

<< Greg in
 particular should plan to walk many nights with his fifth kid if he wants to
 keep up with me. >>

Wait a second, why me in particular?  I've been known to referee soccer games 
with a kid in a backpack on my back, but I don't think I should try this one! 
 The boss (read "my wife") will have a say in this!  

I'll have to see how things progress, but will bring my three boys again 
probably.  Maybe we'll all slack pack a bit.

IIMBSBATS, Tom, Charlie, Bob, let's watch the starting dates on the 2,000 
list and make a decision on the date before Thanksgiving or Christmas so 
people can plan well ahead to attend.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

Internet definitions:  IIMBSBATS = If I May Be So Bold As To Suggest
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