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I'm planning on doing this PCT this coming season.
I started to search the archives for advice on boots, tents, etc... and wanted to see if anyone has any advice or opinions on what worked for them, or didn't work on their hike.  The planning has just begun for me, so anything is welcome.

1. Boots - I am considering Danner Lights.  I've owned several pairs of the Mountain Lights and they have held up well.

2. Tent - I own a Bibler I-Tent, but that seems like it would be a little on the heavy side for the trail.  Also has no vestibule.  Suggestions?

3. Stove - A friend on a cross-country bike trip recommended a stove that uses a battery-powered fan to feed air into a contained fire.  Seems like a good idea since the fuel is easy to get and the stove is light.  I also have an alcohol stove.  Not sure on which would be a better choice.  Are the fan-type of stove illegal in any parts? (ie. contained campfires?)

4. Gear - I am planning on sewing my poncho and some other things.  Any good places to find patterns?  I live just outside Portland, so I am planning a trip to The Rainshed in Corvallis.

5. Start date - Thinking of late April or early May, depending on the winter.

6. Etc -  If anyone in the Portland, OR area has some spare time and wants to go over some of this in person, feel free to email me.  Any other advice is more than welcome.

Robert Knoth

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