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Re: [pct-l] My driftbox! It lives!

Maybe your Tuolumne box was with my Lone Pine box, wherever that may be. It 
certainly isn't Lone Pine, as it should have been. And unlike your box, 
mine's still gone. So much for going Priority mail, UNinsured. And so much 
for ever trusting in the Lone Pine post office again.

And this is pre-Y2K! Wait till next season!!
- Blisterfree

>From: Stephen Martin <pcthiker@netscape.net>
>To: pct-l@edina.hack.net
>Subject: [pct-l] My driftbox! It lives!
>Date: 26 Oct 99 12:56:19 EDT
>A lifetime ago on the hike I mailed my drift box from Tuolumne meadows to 
>Lake Resort. I waited 5 days for it in Echo Lake and it never arrived. It
>caused me to have to purchase another California guide. I also lost the 
>book and the town guide.
>But, just 1 day ago, it arrived in the mail. Where the hell has it been? I
>half think that the woman working in the Tuolumne meadows PO used it as a
>chair for the rest of the summer. Perhaps the box had a greater adventure 
>I did!
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