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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:38:43 -0700
From: Jeffrey Olson <jjolson@uwyo.edu>
Subject: Re: [pct-l] Plans? Who needs a plan?
Cc: pct-l@edina.hack.net

Ronald Moak wrote:

> Then a few years back I was diagnosed with the big "C" and had to face the
> distinct possibility of the big "D". Needless to say Plan A,B,C,D..... all
> became rather pointless.
> Since then I've not worried too much about which plan I su*bscribe to.
> just too short to worry about it too much.
> I'd rather just take a hike an enjoy whatever time is left.

Philosophical musing - delete if impatient...

While in training to become an effective therapist I was working with a young
man who had an intense death anxiety.  All he could think about was dying.  His
girlfriend was threatening to leave.  School was so far back on the burner he
was failing classes.  We came up with an analogy that gave visual imagery to his
preoccupation (and my fascination).

I was attending the University of Washington at the time and used to cross a
busy four lane street to get to the main part of campus from "The Av."  I'm deep
in thought, standing at a stoplight that is red.  I hear the bell go off (for
the visually impaired) and step off the curb.  I look up and there is a Metro
bus bearing down on at 40 mph, 15' feet away.  The time between my realization
I'm going to die, and the moment the bus hits me is the rest of my life.  The
bus is still bearing down on me, and I"m going to die.

This is the "inner" that renders anything "outer" that doesn't contribute to
being-satisfied unimportant.  IMHO...

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, WY

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