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[pct-l] Weight Lose on the trail

Most people 's bodys change much over a 5 to 6 month period on the trail. I 
started weighing 195lbs in April going to 165 in October. This wasn't fat 
lost as I had just finished my college wrestling season and thought I was in 
shape. The problem was in was the wrong kind of shape. The first two weeks to 
Big Bear, I got the usual blisters and sore tendons. Most people then carried 
fairly heavy packs as we didn't know any better. It seemed like I lost most 
my bulky mass within the first 500 miles. After that, weight lose was slow 
and I became leaner and more trail hardened. The statement, upper body of a 
prisoner of war and legs of a body builder really do apply to the PCT hiker. 
I think that the larger hikers lose more weight and lighter hikers may only 
lose 10 or so pounds. One thing for sure is that you will be in the best 
shape in your life when finished!!! One more reason to throw on your pack and 
tackle the PCT. You will have memories for a lifetime and feel like a million 
bucks. No amount of money can buy that!! This is why people ( like Jardine 
and others ) do this trail 3 or 4 times year after year. The border is just 
an excuse to be there. There isn't a thru-hiker from this trail that would 
want to do it again.
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