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Re: [pct-l] light weight packs

1.  LWgear's Equinox pack.  I used this 1-lb. beauty while hikin' some 1,100+ 
mi. in the Smokies this summer.  @ 1 time I had 7 daze rations & it did the 
job, beautifully.  I used a Z-rest 3/4 length sleepin' pad as the "internal 
frame", meanin' while backpackin' I folded it so that 3 panels formed my back 
pad while addin' some body 2 the pack.  Because this pack has no side 
pockets, I used a Camelback (TM), which I packed nxt. 2 the Zrest...this 
worked well, as, 'tho a Camelback weighs 1 site more'n a Gatorade (TM) btl. 
which I normally carry, the Camelback's so EZ 2 drink fm. that I figure I 
prob. hydrate more often (better).  So, U C, the pack as I used it worked 
quite well 4 me.

2.  Wildthings AT Pack.  This 2 lb., 2 oz. thing's a beauty & would serve 1 
well thru the Sierras or wherever 1 mite need 2 carry more'n the 30 lbs. or 
so that the LW pack (above) allows as U can load it up to 5,000 cu. in.  
Nterestingly, the pack comes w/an Nternal sleeve in which a removable pad's 
Nserted.  All U gotta do is remove the pad & Nsert yr. Z-rest & U have 1 
Ncredible rig.  U can unsnap the top compartment 2 go w/less.  This pack also 
has 2 side pockets, makin' it a real gem which I really haven't used much, 
but think it'll B gr8.

Disclaimer:  the Z-rest doesn't afford much sleepin' comfort, but it doesn't 
puncture...there's always some sorta trade-off w/any gear

Yrs. & Happy Trls., Wanchor 
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