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Re: [pct-l] re:Plans, Realities, Consequences

Indeed, my division of my life into Plan A and Plan B did not intend to
negate the virtues of either from either.  In fact, my Plan A includes the
values that I have learned in the wilderness and I apply them everyday into
my family, my work and my friends.   There are large areas of overlap
between the two Plans.  One is not exclusive of the other.  They are simply
two paths, different in many ways, similar in several ways.

I argue that I would be the same person for the most part regardless of the
path I chose.  Certainly, the experiences of familyhood have had a major
impact on me, just as the experiences of living in the wilderness over the
same period would have had.  But I would still be the same person, with the
same values, ethics and interests.  Either of the paths would make me richer
for the experiences they impart to me.

The first page of my journal, worn and yellowed with the years, states:

. . . and these are memories that make me a wealthy soul.

"Traveling Man"     Bob Seger

My fictitious journal that I have kept in my head for the twenty two years
since hiking the PCT has the same quote on its first page.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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