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Re: [pct-l] A's and B'

>>Other than being a PCT list psycho, my plan A life is now three kids, wife,
morgage and driving choo-choo trains. 4 weeks vacation with 2 being rat holed
for hiking and or climbing. <<

I'm working on a theory that each member of the Monkey Wrench Gang is alive
and well, and present on pct-l. Recently all have been engaged in a heated
exchange over the clear cutting practices in the PNW. I figure the M.W.G.
is applicable to this current discussion, too, since each of the characters
in the novel live double lives. On the one hand, they're Plan A types, being
a doctor, a boat guide, and such. Good, law abiding types. And on the other
hand, their Plan B side has them fighting, usually beyond the law, for the
sake of the wilderness. I certainly feel that I'm on both sides sometimes,
though I won't admit to blowing up any government property. But anyway, who
do we have here? I probably seem like Doc Sarvis, going off on abstruse
tangents. Seldom? Bonnie? If you're out there, speak up. I'm convinced I've
found George Washington Hayduke.

- Blisterfree Sarvis
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