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RE: [pct-l] Way back when ... (continued)


Well-- I made VP of Engineering, made a difference; then
said "take this job and shove it"...but I had a parachute <smirk>...
and have not worked for 3 years now. (well- 2 yrs, 9.5 mnths)

 Rich-  300 peaks+- US & Europe, 1973-1999,  JMT- 95, PCT- 90,  AT- 85

At 4:32 PM -0000 10/22/99, Reynolds, Tom wrote:
>Hey Ron,
>Please don't post those  "I worked my way up the corporate ladder.
>Eventually finding myself in a position of authority. Only to find
>that I didn't do anything better than my predecessor" comments.
>I want to pretend that I have all the answers and that everybody else is an
>idiot. I want to pretend that 5.9 billion of the 6 bill on this planet
>deserve extinction and only I, and a few like me, deserve survival. Hell,
>that's why I hike. To prove that I, unaided by society, can survive in the
>treacherous wilderness. Hey, I can even thruhike and turn reality into a
>I like that DREAM vs REALITY thread what happened to it? I couldn't imagine
>leaving my reality [Plan A as strider says] because it is also a great
>dream. However, I want to hear your thruhike {Plan B]
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