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Re: [pct-l] Aftermath

That's a fabulous idea, Jim. One that I will add to my list of chapters
of the in process Beyond the Summit: Words From The Trail.

To all on the list, I have copies of all that has appeared on the list
on this thread and welcome any additional stories, tales, thoughts,
philosophical musings, etc. Also would love to talk with any of you who
would be willing to be interviewed on the phone about this and other
parts of your long distance journeys. I interviewed about 30 hikers on
the trail this summer and want as much input as I can get. Anybody
willing, please email me. Thanks a bunch.

Having left the trail after 600 miles when I'd planned on 1700, my own
re-entry process had much sweetness to it. I was simply done and didn't
want to be away from home anymore. A surprise for someone who has done
many multi-month trips. A sweet thing to be so content with my life that
I don't want to be away from the everyday stuff for very long. And there
still was a clear re-entry process for me. I have never found that easy.
I need a period of time that is only about transition. Get the mail
done, the bills paid, the messages answered that need to be, and then
just be. Be in my home, be with my cat, be with my friends, be with
myself back in the different energy of everyday life. The trail is so
very simple. Perhaps not easy, and very simple. Life, at least my life,
is not that way! And I love it. But I must tell you that probably 3 - 6
times a week, my heart whispers, "Let's go back right now. You could do
the desert this time of year. That would work." And it would. And it's
not what's up for me right now. I'll return as planned to do another 350
or so miles next summer, and not listen too hard to the whisper between
now and then. I have clear visual memories of the trail, and they keep
me connected as does this list.

I hope to hear from any of you who are willing to be interviewed or want
to know more about the barely-in-process book.

Enjoy the evening.

Namaste, m

Jim Ostdick wrote:

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