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[pct-l] Re: logging

  That is the bottom line, some logging is neccessary. We all use paper,
we all use some sort of wood products, etc.  So the better question to
ask is not wether logging is wrong, but rather how should logging be
managed.  That puts the debate in a more logical plane. I tend to be
against clear cutting. Seems to me that it is like running out of
firewood, so let us burn the house furniture, and once the furiture, let
us burn the studs, etc. etc. 

My biggest beef with the Forest Service is when they  sell timber below
the cost of what it takes to gather it, transport it etc. But that seems
to be widespread in mos tof this wonderful government of ours..eh? 

(now building  log homes like the type  Mrs. Gorp lives in)

Ask for the ancient paths where the good way is; and walk in it and find
rest for your
Jeremiah 6:16
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