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Re: [pct-l] Clearcuts - a bit long winded.

>>It may come as a surprise to some that there are more trees growing in
America today than when Columbus first landed.<<

Really? Regardless of the validity of this statement, which it seems to
me is nearly impossible to determine, who would argue that we do _not_
possess the quality of forest ecosystems that we did before white man came.
It is not an issue of how many trees are standing, but of the health of
the ecosystem in which the trees and myriad other species exist. Forest
"management" doesn't work - never could - because we cannot cut down large
numbers of trees without throwing the ecosystem out of balance. We cannot
replicate the balance of nature, certainly not while feeding the demand
for wood in this day and age. There was once a time, I imagine, when our
demand was balanced with nature's needs. A time when cutting wood was
noble, essential to survival, and harmonious enough with the earth. But
we aren't there anymore. We're way beyond proper limitations. And no
amount of science or good intention can rectify the problem, or justify
the modern "forestry" methods. Am I blaming the foresters, the loggers, or
our dollar driven society? No more than I curse the fact that humanity
stands six billion strong and growing.

- Blisterfree
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