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[pct-l] PCT worth it?

Dave asked if the PCT is worth the clearcuts.  Its been some time ('96)
since my wife and I did the PCT, but the week or so of clearcuts, about
1/20 of the whole trail, did not diminish the experience at all.  I
actually agree with Goforth that it was somewhat enjoyable, all though the
thought was depressing.  Ripe huckleberries kept our minds off the stumps,
and the views were good (though the damp bushes kept us soaked after rains.)

As for the CDT being less of a highway, that's way off.  There is more
"trail" since we did the CDT in '98, but you are on so many more logging
roads and highways than compared to the PCT.  All in all it is much more
remote with grand scenery the entire way, but it is much less of a trail.
Having the option to do either of the two over again, we concur we would
head to the PCT.

"Lately I've been wondering if (with all the talk of clearcuts and
unnecessary picnic tables and unwanted views of eroded earth) the PCT is
still worth it; if perhaps while I still have the time I should switch,
perhaps to the CDT.  Anyone who's done the PCT thru-hike lately (last
couple of years) have an opinion?"
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