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Re: [pct-l] Various

Well, I may be in the minority, but I enjoyed the clearcuts.  I like seeing
the trees growing and the process of regeneration,the tremendous resiliance
of the natural world, I like the views and the huckleberries, there were
more animals and birds, and there was SUN and autumn colors. There seemed
to be only one area that had a lot of continuous clearcuts and that was a
40 mile area just South  of Snoqualmie pass.

If anything I would have preferred a little more civilization on the PCT. 
the PCT rarely walks along rivers, through meadows, or near lakes.  MOst of
it is not above timberline, that means that you are walking in woods a lot.
 After a lot of this, a clearcut was a relief for me.  There are a lot of
natural clearcuts that are caused by mudflows, burns, windstorms, soil
infertility , lava flows,etc.

I am thinking about hiking the first 500 miles of the PCT next spring.  It
was probably the most interlaced with roads and people, but I like that
now.  It helps to root the PCT in a certain realism for me.  I learned to
love the way the trail came down to a resupply place; where it was this
piece of "wilderness" coming to sit by the river and by people momentarily,
only to leave and wind around the higher realms thereafter.


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> Subject: [pct-l] Various
> Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 5:19 AM
> Joanne Lennox said:
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> They are like two separate realities, both
> diminishing the other, like having two lovers that can not, can never
> about each other.
> <snip>
> That is how I feel right now about preparing (still) for the PCT, and my 
> job.  Both are interesting, and challenging; each (if they knew; if I 
> allowed them to know) jealous of the other; each wants to consume my
> life and concentration and loyalty; and (though they don't know) each
> the other for its very existence.
> Digest # 908 was one of the best I've read; appreciate the stories.
> Lately I've been wondering if (with all the talk of clearcuts and 
> unnecessary picnic tables and unwanted views of eroded earth) the PCT is 
> still worth it; if perhaps while I still have the time I should switch, 
> perhaps to the CDT.  Anyone who's done the PCT thru-hike lately (last 
> couple of years) have an opinion?  I've been starting to get the feeling 
> that, for too much of it, the walk will be like hiking Florida to Maine
> the shoulder of I-95, without the convenience of fireworks stores and the

> Mexican Sombrero restaurant.
> -- Dave
> David B. Stockton
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