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[pct-l] This season's finishers

It's been great reading about this year's thru-hike success stories, as hikers
return home and the information slowly trickles in. Congrats to you all. In
particular, I am very pleased to hear of Florian making it to Rainy Pass,
and presumably all the way in the near future. What a triumph - all the way
from Australia she came, by herself, in her youth, unfamiliar with the
country, the terrain, the activity. And there she goes pressing on toward
Canada while I sit around wondering why I'm no longer out there, sitting
idly by in all of my veteran thru-hiker "expertise." More head than heel,
as Grandma Gatewood so aptly put it. Of course, the heel gets conditioned
along the way, too...

Does anyone have an address for Florian Yan, e-mail or otherwise? Also
wondering whether the following hikers made it all the way, and how they
might be contacted: David McQuitty from San Diego (school in Alamosa, CO);
Damian and John (last seen hiking together, along with Florian, through the
Sierras); Chuck Stone (maybe Margo would know?); Seth Damm (California
section hiker); Jeff Farrell and Elise McGregor (had an address but can't
find it now - Santa Cruz address).

Any info or leads would be great. And to any of these folks who may be
lurking, drop me a line - and - if you'll be heading back out in '00, I'll
be in your midst, starting at Trail Pass in early to mid June and finishing
in Canada.

- Blisterfree
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