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Well, it isn't in any way a best kept secret.  During our 98 hike on the
PCT, Scott and I saw more people on the trail in one day in the Alpine Lakes
Wilderness  than we saw in all of Southern California.  It sure is
beautiful, though.  And the bakery is not to be missed.


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<< Your weather stories are better than most I've read. Weather is a big
concern for us when we make it to Washington. -- Charcholla >>

The late season weather seems to have been very pleasant in northern
Washington.  I've been looking at the satellite photos since we finished and
the thru-hikers should be reporting good sailing through the northern
Cascades, after a nasty start with the heavy snowpack this year.

If you haven't yet done northern Washington, you're in for a real treat.
Spectacular mountains!  They've got to be one of the best-kept secrets of
folks in the Pacific northwest, who don't really want any more people
tromping over their "private" property.  If I had only a week or two, I
hike from Snoqualmie Pass north to Stehekin or Manning Park.  The Alpine
Lakes Wilderness is a fantastic one week trip; the rain forest in the
Peak Wilderness is a "can't miss".  If you only have two or three days, just
set up your camp in front of the bakery in Stehekin!  What a great stopover!
We stayed in Stehekin for two nights and, by the time we left, felt we were
leaving home.  One small anecdote should prove my point:

Brian had lost half of his hip-belt buckle, perhaps on the bus which runs up
and down the Stehekin Valley road.  We checked on the bus later, trying to
find it, without success.  The next evening, someone (don't know who)
returned it to the ranch where we were staying.  They knew who had lost it
and where they could find us!
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