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From: hudsom@us.ibm.com
To: pct-l@backcountry.net
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 07:33:08 -0400
Subject: Nomad tent

Just back from the ALDHA Gathering in Hanover. I got to see several Nomads and
check out what I think will probably be my next tent. I spent all weekend
looking for Kurt but didn't find him until early Monday morning. He had been
camping in a prototype double vestibule Nomad, which was unfortunately packed up
by the time I found him. This prototype would greatly increase the ventilation
in the tent, hopefully reducing condensation, but would it make it more unstable
in the wind? Kurt said the prototype had just been used on a Long Trail thu-hike
(can't remember the guys trailname) and survived Hurricane Floyd in good shape.
I'm hopefully awaiting photos on Kurts website....  I'm sure there's more
details, but things are a little fuzzy this morning... too much fun and too
little sleep...


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