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RE: [pct-l] John Muir Hut

Hi all,

I just saw this message and I'm glad to see there's been no follow-ups, but
this is how rumors get started...

To clarify:

1)  I did not author the message speculating about the status of the John
Muir hut; my father did.
2)  I've not spoken to him about his message, but I do not believe his
intent was to announce a hut closure.  I believe he was speculating about
eventual hut closures in general, given the apparent policy of allowing huts
in wilderness areas to decay.  (i.e. No maintenance is done.)

As always, my post is just my opinion...

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After being off the net for awhile, I was quite schocked to read Brian's msg

about the John Muir Hut this morning.  I hope this is not so and that the 
hut is not scheduled for demolition.  And if it is, why? We spent a 
wonderful hour there taking a much needed break and Coolbreeze read some of 
John Muir's poems -- it was truly a special time for us.  The log book had 
several entries from our friends who just days before taken refuge there 
from a storm with white out conditions.  From all accounts, they might have 
persihed if the protection from the hut had not been there.  

If it is true, and Brian is a very knowledgeable person and wouldn't go 
around spreading untruths, that the hut is scheduled for destruction, I'd 
like to know what organization or individual is pressing for it's removal 
and why?  They will be responsible for maybe putting future hikers lives in 
jeopardy.  Will another hut be built?  How can we go about petitioning to 
keep the shelter there, it is such a beautiful hut full of history and 
inspiration?  Is the PCTA aware of this?  I would appreciate some 
knowledgeable information so Walt and I can add our names if there is a 

Thanks --  Pat

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