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[pct-l] FWD: Non-member submission from ["Reuben Rajala, PCTA Director of Trail Operations" <trails@pcta.org>] (fwd)

Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 10:38:15 -0800
To: PCT General List <pct-l@backcountry.net>
From: "Reuben Rajala, PCTA Director of Trail Operations" <trails@pcta.org>
Subject: Oregon BLM Planning: Ashland Resource Area and the PCT


For those familiar with the PCT in the Ashland Resource Area and interested
in offering observations, concerns and suggestions to the BLM and PCTA, the
BLM has just released a "public scoping" document for the "
Cascade/Siskiyou Ecological Emphasis Area Management Plan."  One can get a
copy by calling 541-770-2384 or check it out on the website

The area involved in this planning effort extends from the Rogue River
National Forest on the Mt. Ashland Ridge, beyond Pilot Rock, Hobart Peak
and N. to an area E. of Buck Point and Emmigrant Lake.  The PCT is located
on a mixture of BLM and private lands (via a 30' wide easement) in this
area.  Improved water sources, better parking at roadcrossings, more
sensitive forest management by both the BLM and landowners and improved PCT
corridor protection, with willing landowners, are some issues that have
surfaced.  If you have any observations or suggestions for this area, both
the BLM and PCTA staff and Board would like to hear of them.

Happy trails

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