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I know this list is for the PCT, but I figure some of the listers may be
in the east so I thought I'd pass on this invitation.
If you haven't heard of it. HATT2000 will happen over Labor Day Weekend
next year. It sort of grew out of the idea that hikers that meet and grow 
to be
friends over the internet don't always get a chance to hike together 
because of
schedules and geography.
So at noon on Friday Sept 1 2000, 70 teams of hikers ( team means individuals,
couples, groups, double-ups ) will be positioned at 35 locations along the
entire Appalachian Trail ( 2 teams at each location approx 60 trail miles 
apart ).
Handshakes will be exchanged, then one team will hike south, and the other 
will hike north. 72 hours, and about 30 trail miles later, at noon on 
Monday Sept 4 2000,
new pairings of teams, that have hiked from opposite directions, will meet 
and exchange
handshakes. In this manner, the entire trail will be hiked, with the 
touching of hands
unifying the entire event...

For more details, check out the website : http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/

We're calling ourselves the Mad HATTers......come hike with us!!!!

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