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RE: [pct-l] PCT resupply


While it does not get into quite the level of detail you're looking for, the
http://www.pcta.org/plan/resupply.shtml page on the PCTA website is a good
place to start. Also the video "How to Hike the PCT" by Lynne Whelden has a
video section that gives you a quick look into the different stores located
along the PCT (http://www.pcta.org/store/index.shtml).

Ron Moak
Pacific Crest Trail Assocaition - Webmaster

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Hi listers...
   After having tried using mail food drops and shopping at trail-side
on my AT thru-hike, I found the latter preferable, and cancelled my drops 
after the third package.    No waiting for post offices to open, and I would

try to visit most of the closer towns anyhow, for fresh veggies, icecream, 
and the occasional AYCE restaurant.  I plan on doing essentially the same on

the PCT in '00, but wonder about the availability of basic hiker fare
pop tarts, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.] in stores north of Mazama Village, 
Oregon.  Specifically the small stores at: Cascade Summit, Elk Lake resort, 
Olallie Lake resort, White Pass, Snoquolmie Pass, Skykomish, and Stehekin. 
The PCT Town Guide says "limited" or "very limited" food supplies for these 
locations. Any recent visitors to those stores care to post a food 
availability update to the list for me and other prospective '00 thruhikers?

Any and all replies MUCH appreciated!
Blaze  [GA-ME '94]  Albuquerque, USA      
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