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[pct-l] PCT 2000

The time has come to begin serious planning for next hiking season. I
will be revamping the PCT Roster on my site to emphasize 2000 while
still listing all of the 99 hikers and their results where I have them,
in the next couple of weeks. So spread the word. Anyone hiking any
section of the PCT in the year 2000 is welcome. You can check out the
roster at http://www.tothesummit.com/PCTRoster.html. Just email me with
your info and you'll be added to it. Another great way to build
community for those of us connected to the PCT.

If any of you know about anyone who has finished the trail or their
section of it this year, I'd appreciate any info you have. It's
trickling in, and I'd love to have more. I'm posting results as I get them.

Enjoy the day.

Namaste, m (Maggot)
Margo Chisholm
The Freedom Coach
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"Trust yourself and you will know how to live."

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