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[pct-l] Logging in Washington Pictures

I know some of you saw this a few years ago, but here are my logging
pictures of the PCT.  I haven't updated this portion of the website in two
years, but it is enough to give you an idea what's been going on.....


FWIW, I don't have a picture of it, but a good majority of the trees in the
photograpg on page 236 / Vol.2 of the Guidebook are gone as of 1994, I
don't know what more has been done in the last five years.  The last I
heard that with this area, the Forest Service was swapping uncut forest for
a larger percentage of private land, that had already been clearcut.
Sometime a couple years ago, the rock grous Pearl Jam and Soundgarden
bought a chunk of forest near Snoqualime Pass in order to keep it from
being logged.

Craig Giffen
(who misses the PCT dearly, and could always use a granola hippie-chick
girlfriend from Olympia.  Even better if she could figure out why I'm
getting a memory allocation error when my C program spawns a child
process.) :)

Portand, OR

Craig Giffen
Portland, OR

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