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Re: [pct-l] Re: 1977 pct guidebook updates

Jeff Z's point about getting a good copy of your guidebooks after the hike
should be taken seriously.  My California Edition was destroyed too and I
happened to pick up a new copy just after my hike in order to be able to
find all of the places that I wanted to revisit years after my memory faded.
I am glad that I did now and I recommend that you should invest in a new
copy if you recently hiked a section or thru.   The trail has changed
significantly since I and Jeff and Monte and others hiked it and it is
interesting to see the differences.   Of course, the alignment of the trail
wont change as significantly now as it has since the 70's to now, since the
completion of the trail.

An interesting feature of my '76 edition is that the "Proposed Permanent
Trail" is shown with the "temporary" alignment.  At Campo the Proposed
Permanent Trail is shown starting at the border several miles to the west
and making its way to join the now permanent trail around Hauser Creek.
Anyone know why the trail head was kept at Campo?  I speculate that it was
for the convenience of transportation with the bus stop in Campo and maybe
so the border patrol could easily monitor the activity with their office in

106 degrees at my house yesterday in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley
and Mtns.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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