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Re: [pct-l] The Bear Story

reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

>www.sierrawilderness.com. I saw the signs on the trail about August 1

The page http://www.sierrawilderness.com/seki.html is dated 14 May and contains the info from last year's alert.

Margo Chisholm wrote:
 >The notices were still posted at the edges of the "danger zone" this
 >summer. They were dated last year but I assumed that the fact they were
 >still up meant that they were still in effect.

The rule last year that you copied from the Sierra Wilderness site was a "temporary emergency measure" that expired 1 Jan 99. As far as I know it was not renewed. ( I made numerous attempts to get info from SEKI (Sequoia Kings) but was unsuccessful. The PCTA office doesn't know anything about it either 

I looked in the seki site and didn't find anything about such a law, as a matter of fact
http://www.nps.gov/seki/bear_bc.htm lists counter balance as an acceptable method.

I don't think the "law" still exists for this region. Once again, thru-hikers are not scoff-laws, and any laws quoted to require bear canisters simply require "proper food storage"

OTOH, Onion Vally east of Kearsarge pass still has the bear can law in effect, but that is not the area Tom originally quoted.

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