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[pct-l] Re: suncups

The worst suncups I've ever seen were on Popocatepetl in Mexico before
it was closed due to the fact that it's erupting!! They were more like
sun spikes and occurred between about 17,300 and 17,800. Narrow ridges
of snow that weren't solid or wide enough to hold your weight so you
couldn't step on top of them without their breaking, separated by
troughs that were between 18 and 30 inches deep, too narrow for your
feet to fit in without being at odd angles. It was the most frustrating
climbing/hiking I've ever done. Have seen them on Aconcagua as well. I
believe altitude is a definite factor, something about the strength of
the sun up there. AT any rate, the less seen and experienced the better!

Namaste, m (Maggot)

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