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[pct-l] Water on PCT

Glad to have you on the the list Ben!!! It's nice to hear from a PCT 
pinoneer. Carrying water in the desert has never been fun, but thanks to 
Greg, Tom and others, water has been dropped at scissors cross which is a big 
help to recent hikers. On the old desert route, the guide book had one spot 
where you had 84 miles without water. I did carry 2 gallons through here. 
Thanks to trail angels, ultras and now be nursed through some of these 
sections carrying much less. ( I know the PCT may be something to go as light 
as possible as fast as possible to a few ) I hiked April 2 to Oct 11on my 
hike and wish I'd spend another month on the trail. I wanted to climb most 
the large peaks along the all. My point is its nice to stop and smell the 
roses,or spend a day or 2 exploring a nice area. Don't just blow through the 
PCT, savor your days on the trail. ( Start early and stay late ) If you need 
to carry a 15 lb pack to alow you to finish , great. Remember though, it's 
trail that's important, not the end. One week after you finish, you'll just 
wish you were back on it anyway!!
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