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Re: [pct-l] Knees

I lived for 18 years without a ACL in my right knee because when I tore it in two there was nothing that could be done.  I had to hike with a brace, I could not run walking up my gravel driveway was uncomfortable because I was worried that the knee would " popped out". Then one day I was carrying my 9 month old daugther on level ground, someone called me, I turned an my knee "popped out" I dropped my daugther on the concrete. This was the last straw I visited a orthopedist and soon had a new ACL in place and that was 2.5 years ago. I can run again, hike with out brace and best of all I do not worry about my knee "popping out"

With a MRI they can see what is wrong with your soft tissue and a good doctor will advise you correctly.  I have had bad experiences with chiropractors but my knee was fixed my a sport doctor.

Owen K

 All I can suggest is, do not let any one operate on your knees. I've heard too may horror stories and it probably isn't necessary. Go to see a chiropractor or sports oriented doctor.